Thursday 12 April 2012

Lincoln Pamper Parties

Lincoln Pamper Party Ideas

"Lincoln Pamper Party Ideas"

If you are planning to get married then the hen party is also an important aspect of the planning for the big day. In Lincoln rather than a traditional hen party night out, Lincoln pamper parties are increasingly more popular.

So you are probably thinking if you are planning a Lincoln pamper party what treatments should you have. Well this depends on a number of factors, how many will be attending the pamper party, what is their individual budgets likely to be and how long you want the pamper party to go on for.


Pamper Party Treatment Ideas

Manicure &Pedicure
Manicure and pedicures are always popular at pamper parties and appeal to all age groups.

Nail Extensions
Nail extensions and a french polish are a must have at any pamper party.

Nail Art
Nail art and nail wraps such as Minx Nails are very popular and will certainly appeal to the younger age group at the pamper party.

Facial Treatment
If you want facial treatments to be available you will need a little more space to enable a treatment table to be set up. With sufficient space for the beautician to work on the person having the facial. Again this is a good option and appeals to all ages.

Spray Tanning
Spray  tanning is popular but you really need a large space to set up the spray tent. But also in a separate rooms to give some privacy to whoever is being spray tanned.

Eyelash Extensions
Semi permanent eyelash extensions in Lincoln are now becoming very popular and should certainly be considered. But you should note that to apply semi permanent eyelashes to one person can take as long as 2 hours. 

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